Learning Recovery: Time for Action

COVID-19 has had multiple impacts on Indonesia’s education system. Some of these are not new – the 2018 PISA results showed that Indonesia already had a crisis in learning achievement. This has been exacerbated by COVID which has deepened inequalities in access and achievement. Evidence of the Innovation for Indonesia’s Schools Children (INOVASI) & Pusat Penelitian Kebijakan (Puslitjak) at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (MoECRT), learning gap study indicates that significant learning loss has occurred and that students have disengaged from school - and that such loss and disengagement continues to occur in Indonesia. Urgent action is required to redress this loss and mitigate the immediate and long-term human, economic and social costs of the pandemic. This policy brief describes the key findings of the INOVASI - Puslitjak study into learning loss and provides recommendations on how to address the problem.

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